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Freedomfly Wearables:


Freedomfly Wearables



Fitness Products

Freedomfly Gear
A selection of Freedomfly logo gear.  Items include t-shirts, hats, coasters, mouse pad, and some messenger bags.  High quality and durable community wear.  Show your support.
Online Fitness Programs
Customized personal fitness plans for everyone.  365x7 days a year answers to your fitness questions.
Custom Nutritional Programs
Fully customized nutrition programs by our experts just for you to meet your specific needs.  Questions answered 365x7 days a week.  Specifically for you.
Bodybuilding Forum
Our members share their personal opinions on various bodybuilding training methods, supplement experiences, nutrition, competition and losing fat.  Post your question and get some answers.



Bodybuilding Software
Keep track of your workout via desktop or pocketpc software.  Tracks cardio, weights, goals, nutrition and measurements easily.  A great way to visually monitor your progress.
Supplement Guide
What supplements to take at what times and when.  A version 1.0 guide to taking some basic bodybuilding supplements.
Sample Workout Programs
A few sample workout programs to get you started in the basics of working out.  Includes a beginning program and advanced.
Bodybuilding E-books
Various e-books related to bodybuilding that are available as purchased downloads.  Topics include diet, nutrition, weight loss, and specific workout techniques for improvements.


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