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'Fitness & Bodybuilding eCourses'

Freedomfly Fitness Fitness eCourses

Compiled by Marc C David

Are you interested in learning more about fitness, bodybuilding and nutrition?  If so, we will be adding many new courses to this section as they become available.


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17 Burning Questions about Training and Nutrition Answered

Fitness experts Shawn Perine and Mark Hanauer take 17 of the most popular questions and just answer them.  If you've tried when sick, drank a glass of raw eggs or wondered if you need a weight belt for lifting... this is for you.  Some even called it "Brilliant" because it's so short and yet so jam packed with information.

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Why Can't I Gain Weight?  Anthony Ellis Interview

Tired of being skinny?  After running a bodybuilding forum I've found so many frustrated people who can't gain weight!  In an era of weight loss, here's a wonderful interview with the Original Skinny Guy on how to gain weight.  You'll even receive a 15 step by step guide of the things you MUST do in order to gain weight.  It's all part of this short course on weight gain.

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Beginning Bodybuilding Series PLUS
On-going Questions and Answers

The premier course walks you thru some of the most frequently asked questions that all beginners ask and the sought after answers.  If you don't do this one thing in the morning when you wake up, you will lose up to 256% of your gains!  How much cardio is necessary?  Why tracking your diet is a must and if you don't you might as well pack the gym bag and go home.  This series converts to an on-going question and answer style with occasional special reports and announcements.  Got a question?  Check this series out.

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