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Marc David

In November of 2002, an effort to bring the best of the bodybuilding world to the online world, Marc David decided to venture into the unknown area of online business.  It began with a FrontPage template, and some wonderful help from a forum called, Frontpagetalk.  Not only was this an opportunity to learn web development, it became a great venture in learning business principals, web usability and marketing tactics.

Over the course of four short months, what started as a "How to Workout" for beginners, has developed into a line of Freedomfly gear, a lesson in programming, web design, functionality, and a collection of partnerships with the best affiliate networks offering the best supplements available. 

Any beginning bodybuilder has tried just about everything to get bigger.  Although their moms and girlfriends/wives might say they look fine just as they are, we know that a true bodybuilder always wants that extra edge.  But how to get it without millions of products and gimmicks out there.  Books, tapes, supplements and trainers.  Freedomfly was created with the intent to bring the real deals to the frontlines.  No more bull.  No gimmicks.  Just stuff that works, that is simple, affordable and for most people, gets them the gains they've been looking for years.

If you are just getting into fitness or are like Marc, who just wants to be larger than life, then Freedomfly is the fitness network that you will enjoy.  We strive to bring you the cutting edge products, articles, fitness tips, and bodybuilding software to get you there.

As an update to 2004, Marc learned so much in the last 2 years that he put together a 190 page guide to fitness and bodybuilding.  Just for the beginner.  It's what he's learned with 16 years of trial and error along with running his own bodybuilding forum.  Anybody who reads this would literally save themselves the same 2+ years of trial and error just to get on the right track.  Taking on a project of that size to completion was something he can't begin to tell you how great it felt.  But maybe as you read thru the pages, you will feel the enthusiasm Ithat shows he still has for this sport.  Check out the NoBull Bodybuilding System

We hope you enjoy Freedomfly


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