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Articles written with the lighter-side of the sport in mind:

  • The Truth About Fitness Even in such a serious sport, sometimes a lighter side is just what you need to break from that plateau. 
  • Arguments Against the Fitness Routine  If you are looking for an excuse not to exercise, take a quick look at the top 10 reasons not to do so.  I found this somewhere on the net and we all know the net is about sharing.  Can't take credit for the originality though.
  • Bodybuilding Cartoons  Some really good humors bodybuilding cartoons.  Even if you aren't into bodybuilding, you'll find this weekly toon a laugh to receive.  Good bodybuilding jokes.
  • Humorous Glossary of Common Gym Terms  If you’ve ever had occasion to visit a gym, you’ve no doubt heard people talking about "feeling the burn" and "pumping up." But did you ever wonder what people were really saying?
  • Siberia Gym  Siberia Gym is for real. Yes, in Russia, in Siberia where it can go down to -60 degrees.  Some very unique weight loss programs and training routines.



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